Billing Software for Pharmacy Shop

GSTpad Is Effortless Pharmacy Billing Software, No More Worries About Handling The Stocks. Pharmacy Software Used To Keep Records of Out of Stock Medicine, Expired Medicine, GST Billing, Accounting & Inventory Management. Make Your Invoice More Simple And Quick.

GSTpad billing software works as an excellent medical store billing software. Our software will help the pharmacists to manage Purchase, Sale , Inventory, Accounts, Purchase return, Sale return on a single touch point. Our software helps you to manage your stock by their expiry dates. Through Purchase return you can return the stock that expired. This software is user friendly which will help to reduce the burden of pharmacist.  

Get this Awesome Chemist Billing Software


This Software is Available in both versions Offline as well as Online(Cloud based), You can choose one according to your needs. So give it a Free try,  By using free Trial we guarantee once you start using it you will fell into love with this software

Are You Fade Up of Using Old Paper Bills In Your Medical Store?

Old paper bills are not just time-consuming but it can be more error-prone. Our GSTpad software works as an excellent medical store billing software that easily generates bills, helps with expiry date management, batch management, and also you can check your daily sale just on one click , no more paper bills required to manage your sales.

Batch Wise Stock Management

To learn more and best equip your business, watch a short overview of GSTPad today! it clearly shows how to manage expiry date of products.

Why Billing Software Is Essential For a Medical Store?

In medical store/pharmacy billing software it manages all in stock, out of stock drugs. Billing software for pharmacy has seamless features for patient’s data security and data do not misplace over time.

Benefits of Using Billing Software for Pharmacy Shop

Accessibility:- GSTpad pharmacy billing software is an online billing software. You can access it from anywhere and from any device. Even while you are traveling or out of the station. You can access it via your mobile. 

Workflow:- It maintains a quick workflow with the barcode scanner. Which generates bills very quickly with just a single click. It generates accurate bills and avoids manual errors. 

Track Expired Medicine:- Medical store billing software helps to track of expired medicine, extract expiring medicine and sell it on the deal. 

Alternate units:- You can also manage alternate units, how much tabs in one strip, how much strips in one carton and how much carton in one box (tabs , strips , carton , box).

Touch Screen Enable Software:- GSTpad Software is user-friendly. It is very easy to train new staff to use this application. It has a touch screen enable feature.

No More Worries of Handing Medicine Stock:- With Our GSTpad pharmacy billing software used to keep records of medicine, no more worries of handing stock medicine, Generation of the bill, Invoice and other back-end processes of generation of reports.

GSTpad Software Will Take Care Of Everything From Creating Invoices To The Tax Return Filing Process.

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