OFFline Software :- In offline Software data will be safe in Hard Drive (Pen Drive, D drive etc) and also you can take Software back up in Google drive. SOftware will take auto backup in 24 hour or you can also take backup by click on take backup tab on dashboard of software.

Happy customer makes us happy. Customer service support is our priority. We believe in chain marketing like customer to customer it`s possible when if our existing customer is happy from our service support

Our software is very user friendly any one can operate it. No need of higher qualification and wrast knowledge of computer. You can operate it by Yourself. No need to keep an employee to operate GSTpad Billing software.

If you are a beginner & want to open a business and searching for a software for billing & stock maintaining then you are on right place. Our software came in affordable price with attractive Features according to market trends.

GSTpad billing software is easy to use anyone can operate it. You can install software trial version free for 30 days. if you face any difficulty and need to know about software feature in details then you can call or whatsapp us You’ll get training from screen sharing app like anydesk or team viewer. After implementation if you need any assistance call or whatsapp us.

In offline software your all data store in your operating System. You can enable multiuser and no one unable to open the software without the permission of ADMIN. In cloud software your whole data is safe on our dedicated server in incrypted form No one is unable to harm your software data.

GSTpad is an advanced lavel software providing both option offline software and cloud software. It’s depend upon your choice either you can use cloud software or offline.

Offline Software – GSTpad offline software work without net connectivity in single operating system.

Cloud software- cloud software also known as online software. If you want to operate software from anywhere worldwide cloud software is one of the most valueable solution for you. Cloud software works in real time with web browser such as Chrome,Safari,Firefox,Opera . You can manage daily sale, purchase, inventory extra real time from anywhere from any device such as PC, Laptop, Tablet, even from your Mobile.

Offline Software work in Window 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and in cloud software you can operate it in any web browser and any device like PC, Laptop, Tablet even in mobile.

Duplicate Copy, Triplicate copy option must needed feature in billing software. Because you can not issue original copy for transportation. GSTpad give’s the option for Duplicate, Triplicate copies you just need to click on Software settings then select option accourding to your need.

Yes , edit your company details from company tab , here you can upload your signature and logo

In today market trends no one have time to manage their business by self. For this they assign employee for their business & no one want to give full rights to their employees. You can assign particular permissions to employees in GSTpad Software according to your needs.

 Managing your account manualy is more difficult, time consuming and more prone to error. It’s 2021 manage your all account, expenses in digital way its very easy. Simply click on account you can create your bank account & You can also check all the transactions.

Loyalty & Discount program is to make customer purchase products from you again & again, by giving them loyalty discounts on their return visit . For example a customer purchase product from you today of 1000/- Rs. and you set the condition on the sale 1000/- you give discount of 100/- but not now its for next purchase. If that customer visit again they automatically get discount of 100/- RS. Loyalty points also appear on customer invoice.

Yes, you can manage product’s Color,Size,Style Code which is required in any garment shop.

Excel export & import is the key feature in billing Software. If export and import feature is not available in software then software is worthless. GSTpad software provide you the feature of all your data export & import from Excel.

Managing stock is very difficult for all business . In GSTpad You can check all your stock summary Which product is purchasesd, how much it sold and how much it remained and their stock value also. You can also track fast moving product slow moving product. Click on account then stock summary then view result here you can check all the stock summary of your products.

If you have GST no. and came under regular GST. Then you have to check the software you are going to purchase, it must generate the GST reports. GSTpad Software generate GST reports which can be directly uploaded to Goverment GST portal and file your tax return. No need To waste money by keeping an employee for your filing tax returns you can do it by yourself.

There are many Software in market they do many promises but clients need to know the features and services provided by their side. That’s by GSTpad Blling & accounting Software gives you 30 Days free trial all you need to do just download & install our software. You can download trial version of software from our website www.gstpad.in or www.gstpad.in/download/ Direct download Link of Software.

Yes, You can give discount item, brand & category wise its totaly depends upon your choice. You can also give them instant discount at the time of sale.

Footwear & garments products came under variable GST For example if the product price is below then 1000/- then GST will be 5% If product price above 1000/- then GST will be 12%. If you have appreal shop or footwear shop this feature is must available in your software. GSTpad software provide you the option for variable GST.

Barcode is an unique code of product. In today’s business trend Barcode needs to be implimented in all billing software, which makes sale purchase very easy & fast all you need to attach barcode scanner with your computer ,it is plug and play. No need to do manual entry.

GSTpad software interface is very easy & user friendly you get familiar with this software within 15 to 20 minutes. After it, if you face some difficulty or want to know about software features in detail. we’ll provide you online service and support through screen sharing app like team viewer or anydesk. Simply call or whatsapp us.

Maintaining Accounts in credit is very easy to mange with our GSTpad Software. For example Your clients doesn’t pay you payments on the time of sale then you can maintain their accounts very easily. You can also check their whole ledger their payment details mode of payment extra.

Old paper bills are out of time maintaining accounts of your suppliers & clients is more difficult and time consuming process need to calculte their account history manualy. In GSTpad software you can track their whole ledger in single click. Click on Accounts and you can check clients & suppliers accounts.

Yes, you can pay salary to your staff from this software click on account then enter account name for example salary then select indirect expense from Group. Then open the salary account select mode how you want to pay select date in narration you can type salesman name or any other reminder.

Mutiple user feature is most demanding feature in today’s billing software . If you are searching multiuser software then you are on right place. GSTpad billing software provide you miltiuser option wth multiple permissions.

You can easily manage your exchange and return , in sales tab you just need to put negative quantity of the item the customer want to return and add the item the customer wants to exchange with. Invoice total will automatically adjust according to the difference in price of the products.

Billing software is used in large as well as in small businesses to track sales and purchases. it also uses to create an invoice which is far much better than human made invoices. As you know human work more prone to errors. It also can measure the hours served by employees as well as costs associated with projects or clients.

Yes, GSTpad is a billing software. Which very easy to understand. This software is designed in such a way that people with low knowledge of account and billing can easily operate it. GSTpad can be a one-stop solution for you because it is also budget-friendly billing software.

  • Can easily manage inventory.
  • Can easily manage Purchase & Supply.
  • Full Analytics of Real-Time and generate reports.
  • Sales Promotions.

The most important and basic thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing billing software:

  • Simple SALES/PURCHASE option.
  • Convenient and secure way of online payments.
  • Manage expenses.
  • Free SMS pack features.
  • The software must have saved/backup in the cloud feature available.
  • Feature of tracing all invoices.
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