Billing software is used in large as well as in small businesses to track sales and purchases. it also uses to create an invoice which is far much better than human made invoices. As you know human work more prone to errors. It also can measure the hours served by employees as well as costs associated with projects or clients.

Yes, GSTpad is a billing software. Which very easy to understand. This software is designed in such a way that people with low knowledge of account and billing can easily operate it. GSTpad can be a one-stop solution for you because it is also budget-friendly billing software.

  • Can easily manage inventory.
  • Can easily manage Purchase & Supply.
  • Full Analytics of Real-Time and generate reports.
  • Sales Promotions.

The most important and basic thing you need to keep in mind while purchasing billing software:

  • Simple SALES/PURCHASE option.
  • Convenient and secure way of online payments.
  • Manage expenses.
  • Free SMS pack features.
  • The software must have saved/backup in the cloud feature available.
  • Feature of tracing all invoices.
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