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Easiest Billing Solution is Right Here!

GSTpad offers intuitive, pre-built billing software to handle business daily payment operations and invoices.

● Easy to set up and use.
● Best for managing business financial expenses.
● Create & record payment invoices.
● GST billing & Return Filing.

Enabling Automation Billing/Accounting/Barcoding All Over India

Our billing software is considered as #1 billing solutions throughout India for billing automation, cloud-based financial accounting, business expenses management, budget tracking, invoice generating and barcode billing at a very affordable price.

➢ Accounting Time Efficient.
➢ Billing Easy With the Barcode.
➢ Serving Businesses within India with multiple invoice print formats and customized barcode printing.
➢ 24 hours technical support team.
➢ 30days free trial.
➢ Customization is available over Invoices such as logo and other information.

Billing Software Attributes at GSTpad

Multi-User Facilities

In our billing software, more than one user can perform financial billings, transaction,s and invoiced generation. Although admin has access to provide limited permission to desired users.

Barcode Billing

You can easily scan barcode labels to add price, serial number, SKUs and batch numbers. We make it so handy for you so that you can quickly create bills. In GSTpad software you can hold the bill and also can do sales return if needed. Debit card and credit card payment facilities are available.

Custom-made Invoices
Easy to generate your own business billing invoices with company logo, company name and languages. Attract your customers with highly personalized shopping invoices today!

Easy GST Invoice Generation
Generating and managing GST billing and invoices is very easy with GSTpad billing software. 100% error free reports, GST return management and TDS billing directly from billing software.

Discounts & Rewards
Attractive rewards for the returning users as well as for the new customers. Create bill discounts, discounts on items, combo discounts for retail shopping.

Online Shopping QR Code
QR codes are trendy and easier for the customers to pay online and place orders. Retail businesses can easily create QR codes for discounts, order placement, and schemes.

Low Stock Reminder
Set up reminders for the low stock, so that your customers never go back from your shopping. With billing software, manage stocks easily and make customers happy!

API Facilities
Send bills, invoices, coupons and discounts to the customers directly from Whatsapp through GSTpad billing software.

Inventory Management
Manage and tracking of stocks becomes easier when you start using GSTpad billing software. This software helps with streaming your business expenses, accounting, low stock reminder, expenses tracking. Best for managing large businesses.


What users think about our Billing Software?

While you are searching for billing or invoice software you must look at some of the features. As you know billing and invoice software are not separate software. But in billing software, you must have some advanced features. Let’s have look at some of the features in the billing software. 

  • The software must track billing 
  • Provide API facilities
  • Multiple Users/Permissions
  • Set Multiple Prices for single Items
  • Batch wise Stock Manage
  • Barcode scanner
  • Barcode printing
  • Bank synchronization
  • Sales and purchase tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoice management
  • Software should be online
  • Low Stock Reminder
  • Reward your Returning Customers

These are some of the features everyone should look at before purchasing software.

gstpad Software has the following important features Multi-user Facilities

Multi-user Facilities

Our software has multi-user facilities in which you can create multiple users. You can provide limited permission to the particular user. For example, You can give only sales permission to the salesperson, so that salesperson can’t do any editing in the product. You can restrict the particular user so that they can’t change the price of the product. 

Sales Module

We have barcode scanning facilities. We make it so handy for you so that you can quickly create bills. In GSTpad software you can hold the bill and also can do sales return if needed. Debit card and credit card payment facilities are available.

Quotation & Delivery Note

You can send Quotation and Delivery Notes to the customers. In the delivery note, your customer can track the product. With a quotation note, you can send the estimated price of the product to the customer. Sometimes customers need quotations before buying the product.

Retail & Wholesale Price

You can set both retail prices as well as wholesale prices for the product. If anyone wants to buy products in bulk you can sell them at the wholesale rate. These are the positive points for the shop keepers who sell products in wholes as well

Batch wise Stock Manage

With batch-wise stock management. No need to worry about expiry stock, no need to remember Manufacturing, Expiry, Best before. You can create multiple batches for the same product. The software will automatically track the expiry, in-stock, and out-of-stock products and the software will notify you of the products going to expire. That is an essential feature in medical stores, grocery stores, and all other business which needs such facility.

Size-wise Stock Manage

You can all multiple sizes for the same item, color, and style code. So you can easily track which size is out of stock so it’s very easy to manage.

What Our customers say

This is a demonstrating that shows how a garment shop owner uses GSTpad Software and printer to printer barcode and bills with the same printer.

Amit Rana

Billing software user SM Supermarket, Sharing experience that why he choose this software for this store by this feedback video.

Pradeep Sharma

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